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Westlander Ltd

Please bear with us while we complete our new website.

We are a specialist importer of shooting supplies, representing some of the leading manufacturers, as well as offering our own bespoke products.

Our range includes: Sellier & Bellot ammunition and components (cases, heads & primers); Lovex (formerly Accurate Arms) smokeless powders; Tau Brno air pistols and rifles; Pioneer gun safes; 50 BMG reloading components and smokeless powders. We also specialise in surplus ammunition

If you would like to purchase from us or require any further information regarding stockists, availability, non-standard items and pricing please don't hesitate to get in touch.   We have extensive connections throughout the industry and can help source materials which we might not stock.  

We offer a variety of delivery options and are happy to meet by appointment.

Tel: 01422 885885



Westlander Ltd

Specialist importer of shooting supplies