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Sellier & Bellot

One of the oldest engineering companies in Europe, Sellier & Bellot JSC has been producing high quality, dependable ammunition for sports shooters since 1825 and ranks among the world’s leading ammunition manufacturers.  Since 2009 it has been part of the Brazilian CBC group which is best known for its Magtech ammunition brand.

Given this heritage, the range of ammunition Sellier & Bellot produces is vast, covering pistol, rifle and shot shell.  Rifle ammunition is available in calibres from .22 Hornet to 9.3x74R covering disciplines from hunting through to target shooting.  Pistol calibres run fro6.35 Browning to 45ACP.   Shotgun ammunition is produced in 12, 16, 20, 28 and 410 gauges.

Sellier & Bellot is continually developing new products to meet the needs of a changing world. Among the most recent are lead-free, long-range hunting rounds and NONTOX , a primer compound which doesn’t use corrosive or toxic compounds and is free of heavy metals.

Lovex Powder

Produced in the Czech Republic by Explosia, Lovex offers an extensive range of high quality smokeless powders for pistol and rifle applications. It is the powder of choice for reloading across Europe.  Originally marketed under the Accurate Arms brand (which is no longer available in Europe) the  powder is now offered under  Explosia’s  original  Lovex name.    To download the latest loading guide click here.

Reloading Components

We hold a comprehensive stock of Sellier & Bellot reloading components in the UK; including bullet heads, cases and primers.

Full details of the entire range can be found on the Sellier & Bellot site.  The site also offers a wealth of technical information on individual ammunition types.

Tau Brno

Tau Brno CZ is a manufacturer of quality airguns and pistols, based in the City of Brno, Czech Republic. We offer a  range of pre-charged and  CO2 air pistols and rifles suitable for competitive target shooting.

Our Dealers

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